May 9, 2014

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Protecting Your Feet with Metatarsal Boots

People who work in industries with a high risk of injury need to wear protective clothing that includes safety shoes.  These are usually work boots that have been made out of durable and strong materials that will keep their feet protected from injury.  They are usually made of thick leather, have thick soles that could also have a steel layer and they will generally have steel toe protection in place.  Metatarsal boots are these kinds of shoes.  They are made to protect the foot, and that includes the metatarsal bones, from the danger of working in such hazardous conditions.  They can be purchased online or in various stores.

The word metatarsal makes reference to those bones that are between the ankle and the toes.  It is the middle of your foot that is made of long bones.  If you are working in an environment where you are likely to have injury from falling objects, getting these boots is an absolute must.  You want to make sure that your foot is protected should there be this kind of impact.  The materials used in making such boots will usually be the sturdiest kind of leather commonly referred to as full grain.  The boot will also come with a steel toe, fiber glass and rubber in the sole.

Good metatarsal boots have been made in such a way as to withstand electric hazard and even temperatures at boiling point.  The quality of the boot is actually a key determinant of the degree of protection you can expect to get.  This is the reason why you should make sure that you do not compromise on the quality of the boot.  It may be pricier than a low quality shoe, but your protection is dependent on it.  If the quality is not up to par, it is possible for you to hurt yourself and sustain an injury that could affect your job performance.

The key protective measure that makes these boots unique is the fact that they are made with steel shields that will protect your toes and metatarsal guards.  If you work in the fire department or in an industry that requires you to work in an environment of high temperatures you can get boots that are resistant to flame.  Of course they are also waterproof.  There are metatarsals that have been made with improved flexibility and comfort so that wearing them is not a nightmare.

Metatarsal boots are designed to provide added protection to the top middle part of the foot.  They are necessary if you are in danger of falling objects while working. click to find out more

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