Jul 21, 2015

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Protect Your Largest Investment With Roof Repair In Des Moines

Protect Your Largest Investment With Roof Repair In Des Moines

One of the largest investments in a person’s life is their home. It’s important to protect that investment from damage with Roof Repair in Des Moines. Missing shingles lead to leaks. The leaks can lead to mold and damage to the interior of the structure. Malfunctioning or clogged gutters can create an array of water problems that can affect the stability of a home. Proper repair after damage to a roof occurs is the only way to prevent this large investment from becoming damaged further. In addition, most insurance policies state that proper maintenance to secure the home must be performed.

Roofs can last for up to 50 years if they are the metal roofs. Shingled roofs do not have a 50-year lifespan. The harmful effects of pollution and UV rays from the sun can break down the shingles on a roof rather quickly. Improper ventilation in the attic area can also add to the intense heat of a roof and curl the shingles. The beaded particles on shingles help to protect the actual shingle itself but can be washed away by the rain after being attacked by the sun, wind and pollution. It is important that, if the roof is more than 12-15 years old, it is inspected by a professional.

Water travels through the path of least resistance, and water will find its way under any loose shingles. This could lead to rotting wood and internal water damage to a home. Keeping the gutters on a home is also an important part of keeping a roof from deteriorating before its time. Debris in the gutter can build up and water can flow under the edge of the shingles and rot the wood. Roof Repair in Des Moines can help a roof remain intact to protect the inside of a home.

An inspection of a roof by a professional gives a homeowner the option of repairing the roof properly. If a roof has too much damage from not being repaired soon enough, a professional may recommend a new roof be installed. Protecting such a large investment should be of utmost concern. If there is concern about the condition of the roof, feel free to click here to find out more.

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