Jun 12, 2014

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Protect your home with underfloor ventilation

One of the biggest investments you are ever likely to make is buying a home, and whether you purchase to live in the property or to rent it out as a landlord you will clearly want to ensure that it is well maintained and looked after to minimise on problems. However, sometimes problems can arise that can have a devastating effect on the state of the home and one such problem is damp, which can quickly become an issue that spirals out of control.

Given the issues that damp can cause when it does take hold, it is important to look at solutions that will help to prevent this type of issue occurring in the first place. With solutions such as underfloor ventilation, Sydney homeowners can take action to try and prevent or tackle damp problems, which can help to ensure that your property stays in good condition and does not experience the dire issues that can arise as a result of damp.

How underfloor ventilation can help you

By having underfloor ventilation you can help to avoid problems such as rising damp, which in turn means that you can stop your property from experiencing issues that could not only affect its condition profoundly but could also end up being extremely costly for you in the long term. If you are a homeowner your quality of life could be ruined by these types of issues and as a landlord you could find that you are unable to rent out your property, thus losing rental income as well as having to pay for your damp issues to be resolved.

With underfloor ventilation, the idea is to replace the moist air under the floor with dry air through the use of vents and sub-floor fans. This helps to bring fresh air in enabling it to circulate and push out the damp air that can cause issues such as rising damp. The process may involve simply having to install vents under your floor but in more extreme cases additional fans may have to be used in order to ensure that fresh air is able to circulate properly.

You will need to find professionals with experience and expertise in this field in order to ensure that the work is carried out properly and to a high standard, so make sure that in addition to the cost of the work you also consider the level of experience and expertise.

To speak to specialists about underfloor ventilation, Sydney homeowners can contact the experts at Dampcontrollers.com.au.

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