Protect Your Business From a Fire With These Tips

A fire can be disastrous for your business. Not only can you lose valuable documents, your employees can get injured in a fire.

The best time to prepare for a fire is before it occurs. After all, it’s too late to create a plan after it starts. Below are ways to protect your business from a fire.

Create an emergency evacuation plan.

In case a fire occurs, your employees should know the evacuation plan for your building. Schedule fire drills so employees can practice evacuating the building using the plan. Clearly mark each exit. Never store items in front of a door.

Purchase a fire system monitored by Sonitrol.

At Sonitrol of Louisville KY, our fire monitoring systems can be integrated with existing products and services. Our company offers 24/7 monitoring for your business. To detect fires, sensors will be placed near your sprinkler system, smoke detectors and pull stations. If a fire occurs in your facility, first responders will be contacted.

Save on Cost

If you are unhappy with your current fire monitoring company. Sonitrol of Louisville can monitor an existing control panel while leaving all of the equipment on-site.

Ask for fire-prevention advice from your local fire department.

Developing a partnership with first responders from your local fire department is a good idea. By taking this action, you can get proven fire prevention tips. Be sure to provide them with your building’s floor plan.

Thinking about investing in a fire monitor Louisville KY system for your business? Contact Sonitrol Verified Security for assistance. Other business services that our company provides include access control, video surveillance and intrusion monitoring. For more information give us a call at 502-966-899 or visit our website

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