Oct 30, 2013

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Protect and Beautify Your Home With Help From Roofers in Omaha

Asphalt shingles haven’t gone out of style, they are just being redesigned for better functionality. The traditional version of asphalt shingles typically lasted about twenty years before they began to look old and faded. Roofers in Omaha can provide modern versions of asphalt shingles such as the laminated shingles which offer a better, longer lasting roofing solution. These shingles are made from multiple layers of materials of different durability which gives many of these shingle systems a working life of fifty years. Another benefit that laminate shingles have is they are thicker than the traditional shingle which makes them tougher and more capable of handling severe weather, especially heavy snows and ice. Perhaps the best benefit this shingle system can provide your home is classic character and a crisp style that will last for decades.

The roofing on your home may be one of it’s most important features. It protects the home from the elements and provides structural integrity for the whole building, but most importantly, a properly covered roof can define the look of a home or add character to it’s particular style. For example, many homes in Omaha have a traditional craftsman style which looks great with a wood shake roof, but some folks feel this type of roofing is a bit too dangerous. Today, Roofers in Omaha have a solution for those who want the look of shake without the worry of wood. Companies like Monarch Siding and Windows offer the Presidential Shake shingle made from tough fiberglass. These shingles present the look of wood shake with the strength of fiberglass and they help keep the warmth inside your home throughout the wintertime.

Other solutions provided by residential roofers in Omaha include the three tab fiberglass shingle system. This replacement for standard shingles allows the roofer to install a traditional style while providing the homeowner with certain benefits such as fire and wind resistance. Their durable fiberglass construction and self sealing, square tab design make them a perfect choice for the homeowner on a budget, but they also work perfectly on any home where the owner simply wishes to maintain that simple stylish look of a clean asphalt shingle roof.

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