May 2, 2013

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Pros and Cons of Albany Winter Tires

Winter tires are built to give cars additional traction in cold or icy conditions. They differ from all-season tires in that they are made from higher-quality rubber compounds; some are equipped with studs for greater grip. The idea of a better grip on the road sounds great, but there are also some disadvantages to be aware of.

Advantages of Snow Tires

Increased grip: When driving on a snowy or icy road, it’s easy to see why snow tires are a better choice. Winter tires are purpose-built for better grip in poor road conditions; softer rubber, deep tread and studs (if applicable) give the tires better traction. If you live in a location with a harsh winter climate, winter tires in Albany NY are a must-have.

Better braking: In winter driving conditions, braking is essential. All-season tires will likely skid or lock up on an icy road, but winter tires (with their better grip) can dig into the ice or snow to allow you to stop more easily.

Winter Tire Disadvantages

Decreased handling: Winter tires offer poorer handling than all-season tires because of their construction. In poor driving conditions, you’ll need to exercise greater caution because you will have less control over your vehicle; as great as snow tires are, they cannot fully make up for the conditions found on an icy road.

Road damage: The construction of a snow tire, which gives it its winter grip, can cause damage to any road on which you drive. If the tires have studs, they can dig into the asphalt, and keeping them on your vehicle year-round can cause serious road damage such as potholes.

Fragility: Snow tires are made from softer rubber compounds than all-season tires, therefore they wear out more quickly. Driving on snow tires when it’s not necessary can damage the tread, while all-season tires are intended for continual use.

It is important to know when to use all-season tires and when to switch to winter models. In icy or snowy conditions, it’s best to make the switch to snow tires. In many areas with poor winter climates, radio and television stations will notify motorists when snow tires are recommended.

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