Jan 6, 2015

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Property Management Companies: Your Resource to Avoid Toxic Rental Applicants

237070_mScreening potential tenants is never an easy task, especially if a property owner doesn’t have the experience to interview them and resources to ensure they are providing accurate information. Unfortunately, not all tenants are honest, and some of them will hide or distort information to get approval for a rental unit. For a property owner, it is important to identify toxic rental applicants who go to great lengths to conceal their details only to get a chance to plant their roots into your property.

Working with one of the most experienced Milwaukee property management companies will ensure that you don’t end up giving your property to someone who has a criminal background. Here are some of the details a property management company will always check to identify bad tenant applicants.

Criminal History
Property management companies in Milwaukee will always use their resources and contacts to screen an applicant for his/her criminal history. It lets you know if an applicant has been involved in crimes such as assault, armed robbery, rape, vandalism, burglary, arson, auto theft and more.

Illicit Business Activities and Behaviors
One of the edges property management companies have is that they can use their contacts to find out if an applicant was in any way involved in illicit business activities, such as drug manufacturing or trafficking. Similarly, sex predators and offenders will always try hard to hide these things, only to find an accommodation in a new neighborhood to find their next victims. Professional companies never let these offenders occupy your property.

Credit and Financial Problems
It is never a good idea to offer your property to someone who has low credit scores or has been evicted or foreclosed on in past apartments. A property management company knows this well and also checks if an applicant has been sued for non-payment or doesn’t have a job at the moment. Unemployed applicants will do anything to hide this secret because they know a property owner won’t give them a property if they have no income and cannot pay the rent. These applicants often name a large corporation or invent a company on their own where they supposedly work. Professional Milwaukee property management companies will contact human resources to ascertain that the applicant is actually an employee of the company.

Besides conducting their own research, professional property management companies know what questions to ask while interviewing an applicant. For instance, a company will ask a prospective tenant if he/she has any exotic animals in possession, since it is illegal to own certain spiders, snakes, birds and lizards. Similarly, it asks an applicant about his/her immigration status, renter history and other specific details to ensure they are not letting a toxic tenant move in your property. It means that if you’re in Milwaukee and are considering renting out your property for the first time, you should definitely work with a property management company to avoid “bad” tenants.

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