Jul 3, 2015

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Proper Glass Installation and Windshield Repair

A cracked or chipped windshield isn’t just unsightly; it can be a hazard. Driving with a broken or chipped windshield can endanger your life and the lives of those around you because it can increase your chances of an accident. Your car’s windshield helps to preserve its structural integrity, and an incorrectly installed windshield can cause a roof collapse during a rollover crash. Here, you will learn about auto Glass Installation and replacement, and you will get a few quick tips on finding a reputable installer.

A Cracked Windshield Is A Serious Liability

Most small chips are easily repairable by an auto glass repair technician. However, if the chip is larger than a credit card, the windshield may require replacement. A standard windshield is made of two transparent glass pieces with an inner layer of vinyl resin. The resin layer keeps the glass from shattering during a crash and causing death or serious injury. Experts say that once that vinyl layer has been compromised, a windshield loses its protective properties. Large cracks can reflect glare and reduce your vision, making it hard to see the road ahead.

Safe Replacement

Many blemishes can be fixed for under $100, but if the damage is unrepairable, you’ll need a professional to do a full replacement. The process typically takes under an hour, but you should take the time to find a pro who has the skills and tools to do the job correctly. The technician should start by replacing the rubber weatherstripping that secures the windshield in its frame, and follow up by applying an adhesive layer to the edges of the frame before replacing the glass.

Most later model cars have glued-in windshields, meaning that the broken piece of glass must first be cut out. After removal, the glass and car body are prepped and cleaned. If necessary, new moldings are installed, and a layer of urethane adhesive is applied before the glass is placed into the frame.

Finding A Reliable Auto Glass Repair Company

A windshield Glass Installation can cost several hundred dollars or more, depending on the vehicle. Most insurance policies cover auto glass replacement, but you should review your policy carefully. If your deductible is average, around $500, you could end up paying out of pocket. If you have a cracked windshield and you aren’t sure whether it needs replacing, call Apple Glass Company as soon as possible. You can like them on Facebook.

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