Apr 21, 2014

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Promoting Your Business by using Printed Bookmarks

When you run a business, you need to think of new and inventive ways to reach your customers. TV advertising can be very expensive, so not many companies can afford this on a regular basis. It’s also a well known fact that customers often throw leaflets away after reading them, unless they contain coupons or money off vouchers. If you want your customers to be reminded of your company time and time again, then you should consider investing in customized bookmarks. Your bookmark can contain just about any information you want it too, and your customers will be sure to love it.

The Benefits of Advertising through Bookmarks

Many people are forced to use scraps of paper to keep their pages, because they don’t have, or can’t access a quality bookmark. Your bookmark should contain an image of some sort. You could have the image at the top with writing down the bookmark, or you could have a background image which has the writing over the image. Whatever you choose, finding the right layout is crucial if you want your customers to read and enjoy your bookmark. An Orange County printing company will be able to assist you with this, and they may also be able to design your image for you, saving you time and money as well as providing you with a great advertising tool.

Text and Pictures

Many printing companies allow you to design your bookmark online. You simply fill in your information, and they send you a quote stating how much it will cost. When designing your bookmark, you should make sure that your image is suitable to host text. If your background image is dark, then you could use white text to promote your company. Although the customer would be able to read it, the dark colors may not be appealing. By opting for a lighter image, you can use black text which is much easier to read. You should also make sure that you choose a high quality gloss for your bookmark. Many printing companies allow you to choose from dull AQ, gloss AQ and high gloss. Using a higher quality gloss will make you bookmark last for longer, yet it may prove to be more expensive so this is something to consider before you make your choice.

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