Nov 13, 2013

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Promote your Micro Brewery with Custom Labels

Promotion is a marketing tool that thousands of companies use to put their names out to the public. New companies and businesses, especially, need some kind of marketing leverage or unique gimmick to get their name out there and familiarized in the public’s consciousness. Starting out with new products is never easy unless you can surprise or ‘shock’ people—in a good way.

Anyone who has ever began a new business will understand the trouble it takes to get the business off the ground. It’s a long process of testing the product, perfecting the product, trademarking or patenting the product. After that process, you have to have money for marketing, logo design, product label design—which must comply with FDA standards if it is a food or beverage product.

Microbreweries and the Joys of Producing Beer

There are many new microbreweries popping up all over the world and the ‘craft beer’ business has never been more popular. There are pubs and bars which specialize in selling only craft and micro beers by independent brewing companies and those pubs tend to attract beer connoisseurs who really know their stuff. Many microbreweries don’t sell draught beer, but rather prefer bottles. This requires customized beer labels for each brand they produce.  Customizing the labels on beer bottles also creates a possible trend for collectors. There are many hundreds of people around the world who collect beer bottles with unique or strange labels and this is a kind of subculture that is created from the microbrewery business. It stems from the love of beer labels, the art work, the creativity and the joy of having something totally different in a collection.

Brewing beer, of course, is the  ultimate joy for many people. While beer is an acquired taste for many, others are seasoned experts in detecting every little ingredient that went into the making of that beer. They are similar to wine experts who know exactly the bouquet, the fruit, the year any every tiny aspect of that wine.

Testing the brew for the first time, pouring it into the glass, watching it foam gently as it reaches the top and then tasting its golden nectar like flavor is an experience that most microbrewers would not exchange for all the tea in China.

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