Mar 7, 2014

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Professional Versus Home Teeth Whitening in Louisville, KY

The emergence of teeth whitening dates back to the heyday of the Roman Empire. In the late 1980s, home-based whitening peroxides were marketed, which clarified the color of teeth. At first, these active substances were used by dentists for treatment of gum diseases. However, they later found out that they also whitened teeth. In the late 1990s, virtually every dental clinic in the western civilization began offering teeth whitening services. If you are interested in Teeth Whitening in Louisville, KY, continue reading.

So what’s the difference between home and professional-based whitening products? Studies have shown that teeth whitening, both at home and in the dentist’s office, leads to the same conclusion: it lightens teeth. Other studies indicate that whitening at home takes days, and even weeks, if not longer. However, it gives the same results as professional bleaching.

Safety and efficacy
A professional teeth whitening treatment at Springhurst Dentistry is designed for each patient individually. Kappa whitening is manufactured in the factory to accurately fit the patient’s teeth. Because of this bleaching agent, it stays where it should be. This prevents contact with the gums, which may result in chemical burns, irritations or discoloration of the tissues. Such devices allow the use of products with a higher concentration.

Laser Teeth Whitening in Louisville, KY, which is performed in some dental offices, is very accurate. It is carried out in compliance with the rigorous protection of sensitive gum tissue surrounding the tooth. This allows the use of higher concentrations of bleach, which is very effective. However, patients are prepared for a great outcome.

Mouthguards, which are used for home bleaching, are made standard. Even kappa, which is softened by heat and then molded to fit the patient’s teeth when equipped, is not as accurate. These are not designed to protect the gums from irritating agents, but they are made to ensure maximum contact with the teeth. This means that if you’re not careful, you can easily get irritated gums. But if you are using the correct household kappa, the bleaching agent most likely will not harm your gums. Always use the product according to the instructions of Springhurst Family and Cosmetic Dentistry to get the best results.

Mouth care

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