May 16, 2013

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Professional Teeth Whitening Can Offer A Bright White Smile

Over time, the brightness and whiteness of teeth diminishes. A dazzling smile can turn yellow and dingy from age, illness, sodas, acidic foods, and more. A great way to go back to that prettier smile is with teeth whitening. This can boost a person’s confidence and improve their overall look. The good news is that the sooner a person decides to take action against yellowing, the better their odds for the white smile they had in their youth.

Teeth Whitening Lincolnwood, IL is getting your smile bright again in the Lincolnwood IL. This should be done by a professional dentist in a local dentist’s office. It is important that consumers skip the risky at home kits and instead trust their mouth to a health care professional. At home kits are expensive and usually don’t work as well. You can end up with a patchy smile and damaged teeth. Your teeth has sensitive dental tubes, and if the cap is damaged during the whitening process this can lead to horrible mouth pain. By leaving this to a professional, the risk of pain is minimized, if not eliminated altogether. A person should never use straight bleach from the bottle on their teeth, or any unsafe bleaching products or homemade bleach remedies. Doing so could lead to permanent mouth and nerve damage.

Many Teeth Whitening Lincolnwood IL providers accept dental insurance, which helps make the procedures affordable too. When an insurance company pays part of the cost, the patient can end up paying next to nothing out of pocket. Chicago Dentists can also give patients realistic expectations of how white their smile will be after the service is performed. They will measure the patient’s teeth on a color chart both before and after so that both the dentist and the patient can tell how effective the procedure was.

After the procedure, it will be important that certain foods and drinks and avoided to prevent stains from coming back. You may be instructed not to eat or drink for a few hours, and your mouth may be slightly sensitive from the dental instruments and whitening trays. If the whitening results sought were not met, the procedure can be repeated as instructed by the manufacturer.

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