Professional Squirrel Removal From Wildlife Control Services

Every now and then, you may spot a squirrel or two on your property, and it is a pleasant site to watch the squirrels fetch acorns and chase each other up a tree. However, the cuteness soon goes away the minute you assess the damage they are capable of. If squirrels become more than just a minor nuisance, then it is time to bring in the professionals by contacting services that perform squirrel removal in Brick NJ.

Squirrels are capable of mischievous activity. If you leave around small items outside the home, such as small decorations or tools, they will snatch it up and take it back to their nest. However, they can cause so much more damage than just stealing a few small items. Squirrels tend to sneak their way into attics and start a colony. Squirrels usually mate twice a year and can produce four to eight offspring at once. The longer the problem is left unnoticed, the quicker they will multiply.

Squirrels can leave behind urine and droppings, which can cause odor and sanitation issues. They also have fleas and small ticks on their bodies. Like other rodents, squirrels also have a tendency to chew on things. This means they will chew on wires and any part of your house that contains wood. This is why squirrel removal in Brick NJ is essential the minute you suspect squirrels are present inside your home.

Once you contact professional animal service, traps will be strategically set around areas where they usually pass through. All baits used are designed to trap it and not designed to kill the animal. While squirrels can be a pain, they are still living creatures and should be treated humanely. Once the entire nest is trapped, they will be released miles away from your home where they will be unable to return. In addition, measures will also be taken to ensure that other squirrels don’t make their way in.

When contacting a company that performs squirrel removal in Brick NJ, be sure to know what their trapping methods are. Stay away from companies that use toxic and poisonous chemicals or resort to inhumane practices. Also be sure that the company is fully licensed to handle wildlife.

Dynamic Pest Control LLC provides squirrel removal services including fox squirrel, gray squirrel, flying squirrel & more in the area of Brick NJ.

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