May 18, 2021

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Professional Lawn Care In Newnan, GA To Prevent Or Eliminate Fungal Infections

Professional Lawn Care In Newnan, GA To Prevent Or Eliminate Fungal Infections

It seems as though some residential property owners enjoy having a lush green lawn without having too much work on it other than weekly mowing and occasional fertilizing. Others struggle with areas of dead grass, inconsistent growth patterns, and weeds. As if that weren’t enough, fungal diseases can attack lawns and kill portions of the grass. A company providing Professional Lawn Care in Newnan, GA can help homeowners prevent these outbreaks and resolve the problems if they do occur. An application of fungicide may be necessary in some cases.

Rust Fungus

This fungal infection kills grass and leaves a powdery residue that sticks to people’s feet and shoes when they walk through it. The patches of grass it has affected look yellow or even reddish or orange. With better attention to watering and fertilizing, the grass typically recovers on its own. The clippings should be removed after each mowing. A lawn mower that bags the clippings is the best solution.

Leaf Spot

Technicians who provide Professional Lawn Care In Newnan, GA are familiar with this grass-attacking fungus. Grass blades become thin and discolored, developing red and brown spots. Lawn care techs coach property owners to stop doing any evening or nighttime watering and stop fertilizing until the fungus is gone. They also will remove thatch from the grass if nobody has been keeping up with that task.


This is one kind of fungus that doesn’t actually harm grass. Property owners may think the growths look unsightly, but the mushrooms generally just pop up in relatively isolated cases in response to excessively moist conditions. They can be raked out of the lawn as they appear.

The Importance of Prevention

Preventing fungal infections in the grass is the most effective strategy. Proper watering and fertilizing keep the little plants healthy and able to fight off fungus without the need for fungicides or other chemical products. A company such as Nature’s Turf can install an irrigation system to provide optimum watering throughout the warm weather months. Fertilizing and application of seeds may only need to be done twice a year. Regular raking of the grass eliminates the dead blades and draws out the thatch.

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