Professional Heavy-Duty Towing in Woodstock

Private towing companies haul different size vehicles daily such as cars, motorcycles, recreational vehicles (RVs), garbage trucks, and dump trucks. While you may be used to vehicles being classified by car or truck, towing companies classify vehicles by their weight.

Companies will offer specialty heavy-duty towing in Woodstock to safely relocate massive vehicles and machinery, protecting everyone on the road.

What Are the Different Classifications for Towing?

The gross vehicle weight is broken into eight classes. Classes one through three are considered light-duty tow vehicles, such as regular cars and trucks. Vans, RVs, and motorhomes fall in classes four through six. These are all considered medium-duty tow vehicles. Dump trucks, garbage trucks, and semi-trailers are extremely heavy and fall into the final classes. A heavy-duty towing service is required to move these large and extremely heavy vehicles.

Finding a Heavy-Duty Towing Service

A heavy-duty towing truck will have powerful equipment to lift and carry large vehicles. To carry out these tremendous tasks, tow trucks need special features like a 6-ton wheel lift, 25-ton boom lift, and winch. Some companies do not have heavy-duty towing capabilities.

If you require this specialty towing, call and ask the company if it is a service they offer and get a quote. Drivers must have special insurance and licenses to operate a heavy-duty towing truck.

If you need heavy-duty towing in Woodstock, look up a company’s references, services offered, and reviews. You may find some companies have a better reputation but also come at a higher cost. However, this cost is invaluable when moving expensive vehicles and equipment.

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