Probate lawyer in Moline IL helping with all financial issues

No one wants surprises when they go through a probate process following the death of a loved one. And likewise, those who have specific assets do not want a disposition of their property that goes against their wishes after passing. This potential situation is why everyone should have an estate plan of some type in place in case of an untimely death. While this can be accomplished in a general manner by the primary party, it is always best to have an experienced probate lawyer in Moline IL helping with all financial issues to ensure the proper course is followed with little court intervention.


The first and usually most important of an estate plan is the will that provides a directive for the court when property is dispersed among inheritors. The problem with wills is that they can be contested by others who could stand to acquire any questioned property or estate representative assignment. Having a properly crafted will can help eliminate questions concerning personal property after the fact, including being witnessed by your attorney.


Trusts are another form of financial protection and proper distribution of property that many families use to protect assets. They can be established as revocable or irrevocable, and can also be an excellent method of taxation avoidance in certain cases. Those with extensive wealth also often want to establish a foundation per their wishes that can also serve as an excellent component to a comprehensive estate plan.

Your probate lawyer in Moline IL from David J. Franks Law can advise on any particular family need and prepare all of the necessary documents to effectively protect family resources in any probate procedure.

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