Pricing for Courier Parcel Service from India to the USA

Most people have at least considered a courier in the past for their parcel service, but may have found it daunting because of the higher price. If you are sending something from India to the USA, you will likely want a courier because they are quicker and offer other benefits. However, if you cannot get over the higher price tag, you may need to understand why the price is higher so you can understand why it is a better deal than a cheap service or the postal service.

Reasons for Higher Pricing

Because there is a high need for parcels and other items to get to their destination in the fastest time available, courier costs have risen. Because of quicker ocean liners, airplanes and the Internet, customers can order items quicker, and companies can send the items quicker. This is good news for consumers and companies, but the cost of the service will rise in order to have that faster shipping time.

Each courier offers their standard rates, which can vary. Therefore, it is important to do research on each courier and find out what is the lowest price with quality parcel service.


If you are unsure of what charges are found when using a courier, you may be wondering why the price is higher. If you ship to a foreign country, the parcel will go through that country’s customs. There are fees involved with customs clearance, along with other taxes and fees. The courier service will provide you with a flat rate that includes customs clearance. Because shipping from India to the USA means shipping to a foreign country, you will have customs taxes, as well.

The USA does not require signatures for parcels, though most couriers still offer this security measure. Because it takes a little more time, the overall price you pay will likely include the signature.

Another charge that makes your parcel shipment more expensive is the insurance carried on your items. While sending a handmade sweater may not require insurance, items with value do carry insurance with them so that you can be reimbursed for the loss or damage of your item if there is any damage.

The end destination, weight and volume will also determine the price you pay. While most couriers offer a flat charge that includes everything you need, the price will still vary based on how heavy the item is, where it is going and the type of item.

Parcel service from India to the USA is best done through Fastway Worldwide Express India.

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