Prevent Package Theft with a Package Delivery Box

Every holiday season, people from all over the world report their packages stolen. Often, even with camera footage, there is nothing the police can do to apprehend the offender. Sellers have policies in place preventing them from liability due to theft.

If your package was lost in the mail, you may be able to get your item replaced. If your package was safely delivered to your home and stolen, the seller will most likely not replace the item. A package delivery box provides safety that a camera or property line cannot deliver.

Create a Physical Barrier

A package delivery box can be fastened into your porch or the side of your home. Once the FedEx or USPS delivery driver delivers your package, it will lock. A camera can alert you when someone approaches your home. It will record the intruder, but it does not prevent them from quickly snatching the package and running off with it.

A parcel delivery box is fastened physically into your home. It creates a physical barrier.

Do Not Hesitate

When you are considering a package delivery box, you might be worried about how it will look on your porch or in front of your house. Delivery boxes come in a variety of weather-resistant materials. Weather-resistant does not mean ugly. They can be personalized, painted, stained, and designed to match your home.

Hesitating to purchase a delivery box because you are worried it will not aesthetically be appealing should not be a barrier. Boxes are custom designed to contrast or harmonize with your home.

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