May 14, 2013

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Prevent Leaks by Hiring a Gutter Cleaning Company in Olympia

A roof isn’t finished until the gutters are installed. These aren’t a decorative finish or small add-on feature. They capture rain or melting snow and safely whisk it away to the downspout. This protects the home’s siding and prevents roof leaks. Problems can occur with the most expensive and best installed gutters when they aren’t cleaned properly. At least once a year every homeowner should inspect and clean their gutters. If they aren’t able to or don’t have the time then it’s important for them to hire a Gutter cleaning Olympiacompany.

Roofing contractors will ask about the condition of the gutters if a homeowner calls complaining about a leak. They will want to know if the seams have come apart and if the gutters have been cleaned recently. When gutters are clogged with mud, debris, and leaves, rain water will often spill over the top and into the house. The same thing happens if the seams between two pieces of gutter opens up. The water then seeps out and can cause leaks. So if a homeowner is doing their own gutter cleaning, they should keep an eye on the condition of the gutter. If it is separating from the roof or has seams starting to open up, then it’s time to call for a gutter contractor to come out and repair a portion of it.

That’s one of the reasons why it’s not a bad idea to have a cleaning Gutters Olympiacompany do an annual inspection and cleaning of a home’s gutters. These are the very same technicians who probably installed it. They look at gutters all day long and can spot a problem easily. If a seam needs to be reinforced they can probably do it while they are cleaning the gutters. Catching a small leak or tear in the gutter will prevent larger problems in the future. It will extend the life of the gutter and the siding below and behind it. Today’s gutters come in a variety of colors and styles. There is one for every home exterior. There are very low-maintenance continuous gutters that have no seams to break open.


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