Apr 4, 2014

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Preparing To Move To A New Home

Moving house is never fun; it is a task that is actually dreaded by most people. Although nothing is going to make moving fun, there are a few steps that you can take that helps take the sting out of it; making the move go smoother and easier. Most people are their own worst enemies when it comes to a move, they leave the move and the selection of the Ottawa moving companies right up to the last minute, by then it is too late to have stress free move. Look at the move pragmatically, take a positive mind set and attack the task with a healthy attitude.

A move has two basic areas which demand preparation; packing up your present home and making sure your new home is prepared to accept you and your possessions.

Starting with your present home; it does not come as a surprise that you are moving, rarely is a move sprung on someone with no advanced warning, with this being the case start to act once you know that you are moving; it doesn’t even need to wait until you have found a new home. The more time you have the less stressful the move will be, start early and devote a little time everyday to the pending move.

The first thing you want to do is to take the move as a golden opportunity to de-junk your current house. Everything that is never used nor needs replacing should go. Take one room at a time, if you don’t want something or it’s simply no good; then get rid of it. Take time to go through the room thoroughly, if it takes a week per room then that’s fine.

You will unearth all kinds of things that you never even know you still had. There will be odds and ends, old knickknacks that you never liked in the first place, lots of toys the kids have long since outgrown. Give all this stuff to a charity or set it aside for a big garage sale.

Secondly; do not confuse the issue by running from room to room, packing a little bit in each as you go. Take a room and finish it. Pack everything that you know you won’t need a while; out of season clothes, photo albums, books, etc. Packing can be fun when you have the time, flick on the radio and listen to your favorite music while you pack.

As the boxes begin to accumulate, find a place where the best moving company in Ottawa will haveeasy access to them but in the meantime, they are not in your way, the best place is the garage, everything is safe, out of the weather and out of the way until moving day arrives.

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