Jul 11, 2013

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Preparing Lake Travis Waterfront Homes for Showings

Selling Lake Travis waterfront homes is a serious undertaking.  One important component of selling a home is showing the home.  If the sellers have already moved out, showing the home is a little easier.  But, if the sellers are still living in the home, the potential buyers are not only judging the home, but the people they are buying it from.   It may be harder for these buyers to picture themselves in a home when someone else so obviously already lives there.  Fortunately for the sellers, there are ways to make a home more appealing even when the occupants are still living there.

Clean the Clutter!

Of course, cleaning the home will be the first step. This is not just a quick Saturday morning clean either, but a serious, scrub the floor on your hands and needs, kind of clean.  But, along with cleaning comes the de-cluttering.  A house offers a livable space, but also room for storage.  Sometimes that storage can take up a lot of room.  Since the selling family plans on moving out anyway, this may be an excellent time to get a jump start on the packing.  Rent a storage unit and pack away all of those things.  Keep only the essentials in the house.

Remove the Personality

One simple thing to help the potential buyer imagine themselves in this home is to remove all signs of the selling family.  Take down the pictures and report cards on the refrigerator.  The home should be in showroom condition, clean and simple.  Organize the bookshelves and closets by color.  Keep fresh towels in all the bathrooms just for show.  The house should look like nobody actually lives there.  This may take a little work on the seller’s part, but it can set the house apart from other Lake Travis waterfront homes.  It will be worth it when someone makes an offer.


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