Nov 20, 2015

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Preparing for Your Big Move: A Checklist

The negotiations are done; the haggling is over – you have finally closed on a new home. Just when you thought the hard part was over, you begin to think about the moving process. With sheer dread, you think about packing thousands of little items that have accumulated over the years throughout your household. You think about the actual moving process and how tiresome, daunting and grim it is going to be. To prevent the moving process from being an unpleasant one, preparation is key. Ensuring you have a list ready with all of your moving day “to-dos” is critical in keeping you on track and organised with all associated tasks. Here are some helpful hints to make your move an efficient one.

Hire the Professionals

About a month or so in advance, make sure you consult a team of experts who can help make your move a seamless one. Professional removalists are employed to help simplify the moving process – saving you valuable time, money and a whole lot of grief. They are trained to pack, store, and transport and unpack items efficiently and safely. Finding the right professional removal team can be easy if you do your research ahead of time. It is important to find a company that employs highly skilled, trained labourers that are willing to go above and beyond to get the job done. Once you find a few companies that are able to perform the role, secure estimates from each. This will help you to determine which one best fits your needs and is best suited to assist with your move.

Notify Your Bank

If you are moving to another area, or to a new state, it is critical to contact your bank well in advance to let them know about the move. This will help to ensure that you sufficiently close any necessary accounts and tie up any lose ends before you establish accounts at another bank in a different location.

Notify the Postal Service

Another critical piece to consider is contacting the United States Postal Service. There is nothing worse than having your mail sent to the wrong person and not forwarded to the appropriate address – especially when there are bills and other time sensitive materials in your mail. Contacting the postal service well in advance will allow them enough time to make sure everything is switched over accordingly.

Contacts in New Area

In preparation for a big move, it is also important to establish contacts in your new area. This is especially important if you are moving to a new state altogether. Calling new physicians, schools and other providers is important in ensuring that the transition is an easy one.


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