Jun 20, 2013

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Preparing For an Initial Meeting With Your Divorce Attorney in Mequon WI

Every year thousands of married couples choose to end their unions. The causes of divorces include infidelity, money problems, dealing with medical problems, and problems that can arise from a blended family. Many people choose to try to save their marriage by seeking counsel from a cleric, licensed therapist, or even a family or friend. However, some marriages are beyond repair and need to be dissolved for the welfare of everyone involved. When this happens, a reputable Divorce attorney Mequon WI can help you through the whole process. He can inform you of your legal rights and help you make good decisions for yourself and any children you have. You can wisely select a lawyer by getting recommendations from family and friends. After you have done this, there are some steps you can take to make the most of your initial visit with your Divorce attorney in Mequon WI.

It’s important to bring certain documents to your first visit so your attorney can get a better idea of your financial situation. Bring your personal tax returns for the past three years. Whether you filed jointly or single, it’s necessary for a lawyer to study this. If you have a family-owned business, bring the last three years of business tax returns. Also, it’s a good idea to bring a copy of any checking or savings account statements you or your spouse have. Make a copy of your most recent mortgage statement and any line of credit statements you have. Even if the lines of credit or accounts are in your husband’s name only, bring this information with you. Organize these statements before the meeting so you won’t have to spend time shuffling through your papers.

It’s also a good idea to make a factual, written statement that you sign that includes such information as the full names of you, your children, and your spouse; all contact addresses; and the date of your marriage and separation. Also, if either you or any of your children have medical issues, bring proof of monthly medical bills and needed medication.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the information. You will have subsequent visits with your attorney. It’s important to remember to start the process as smoothly as possible. This is beneficial since a divorce can turn into a lengthy and difficult process.

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