Jun 10, 2015

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Preparing for a Visit to a Lawyer to Halt Foreclosure in Glendale, AZ

Millions of Americans have fallen due to the recession. Unemployment, underemployment, outsourcing, and rising consumer prices have all resulted in people having to make tough decisions with the money they have. Unfortunately, some people have fallen behind on their mortgage payments. Because of this, many lenders have started foreclosure in Glendale, AZ. When you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, learn how to prepare for an initial visit with your lawyer. Doing this can save you from losing your property.

About a week before your initial visit, confirm your appointment. This will clear up any clerical error. A lawyer’s office can be a hectic place and cheduling errors can occur. It’s extremely important not to miss your first appointment unless you have an emergency. Ensure that you completely and accurately fill out all client forms. There may be questions that seem too personal. However, your lawyer has to have the right information to help you keep your
property. It’s advisable to return these forms to the lawyer before your visit so he can review them.

Gather all the correct documents for your visit. Bring all evidence of payment on your home.
Show proof of all correspondence with your home lender. Keep a list of all phone calls you make to your mortgage company. It’s essential to establish good faith in trying to keep up your payments. Your case will turn out better when you have shown effort in trying to work with the mortgage company.

Before you visit your lawyer, learn about the basics of foreclosure in Glendale, AZ. This legal process is a series of steps a lender will take to attempt to recover the remaining balance of a home loan. While every state sets its own policies, there are a few general steps. These include missed payments, public notice, preforeclosure, auction, postforeclosure. This process is lengthy and may take up to six months.

Seeing a lawyer when you have been given notice by your lender is imperative to saving your property. For more information, visit the site of Asheton B. Call, Attorney at Law. This professional can help you with foreclosure so you can retain your investment in your home. You deserve to have a fresh start in life. There is no shame in trying to keep your home.

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