Jan 14, 2014

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Prepare Your Home For Winter With Expert Repair and Heating Los Angeles

Even in the balmy climate of Los Angeles, there are times when people need a little extra warmth. This can be especially true with large homes and palatial mansions, where rooms are huge and many walls are lined with marble and granite. Heating in Los Angeles homes is typically a part of the central air system. Central air or forced air heating and cooling systems are large household appliances normally installed in several pieces. The main air conditioning portion is the external condenser which houses a compressor, a cooling coil and various control circuits.

The next major component is the furnace cabinet. This unit is often installed in an attic or basement, but some homes are designed with a closet specifically built to hold a standard furnace. This cabinet holds the heating chamber for electric furnaces or a combustion chamber for gas based heating in Los Angeles units. The heat generated in these chambers are circulated through the air exchange where it can be pushed through the home by a blower fan. The air exchange also houses the secondary coil for the air conditioner which collects heat from the home whenever the air conditioner is running.

Sometimes, full fledged heating systems are a bit too much for the warmer days in LA. In these cases you may want to invest in a more localized radiant heating option for certain rooms. Radiant heat is usually generated by heated water running through copper pipes in either the floor or the walls. This can be especially comforting in chilly bathrooms or tile covered kitchen floors. Another possibility is radiant heat for large or chilly bedrooms as well as your walk in dressing rooms and closets.

No matter which options you use to heat your home, you will need to consider a quality maintenance program. Routine maintenance is the best way to prolong the life of your appliances while ensuring your heating system is working efficiently. Gas heaters are especially prone to collecting dirt and debris when left idle during the warmer months and regular maintenance is the best way to ensure the combustion chamber is properly cleaned and hazard free. You can be certain your heating system is ready for winter by contacting a professional company such as Grand Heating and Air Conditioning for your maintenance concerns.

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