Jan 27, 2014

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Prepare Your Home For Warmer Days With Air Conditioning in Franklin, TN

When you are enjoying a cool fall day or enduring the chilling days of winter, you don’t think too much about your air conditioning system; however, winter is actually the best time to have your system checked and replaced if required. For one reason, the air conditioner isn’t being used as heavily as it might be in other months, which gives the technicians plenty of time to look the system over properly. Plus, winter is also a great time to clean the air condition’s ventilation and blower system to ensure fresh air is flowing properly.

In many homes the a/c is part of what is known as an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system or in layman’s terms, a central air or forced air system. The Air Conditioning Franklin TN works by collecting the hot air from inside the house and transporting it outside the home. For this purpose the system uses a series of coils and a refrigerant. The refrigerant is condensed outside the home and piped into the air exchange located inside the a/c or furnace cabinet. In the air exchange is an evaporator coil that picks up heat surrounding it and transfers that heat to the refrigerant. The coolant then gets pumped outside where it cycles through another coil to release the heat.

Many Air Conditioning Franklin TN systems can be easily repaired avoiding a costly replacement, but in some cases, the a/c may be too old or too worn to survive much longer. Selecting a new comfort appliance should not be a difficult process. First, you want to purchase an appliance similar to the one you now own, but you also want to ensure it will pay for itself. Modern heating and cooling appliances are extremely energy efficient, so be sure you don’t oversize the system just because the old one didn’t do it’s job. Second, you want to select a contractor with plenty of experience and quality employees to install the device. Companies like Spring Hill Heating & Cooling can easily install your heating and cooling appliance with a minimum of trouble, which will help keep you and your family comfortable.

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