Nov 1, 2012

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Pre-Planned Funerals Are a Blessing For Those You Love

Pre-Planned Funerals Are a Blessing For Those You Love

Talking about and planning funerals seem morbid and most people think that talking about funerals and especially planning your own funeral will some how make that day happen faster. Obviously that is not true but having to focus and think about the day you may no long be here on earth, not to hold your spouse or child every again on this side of Heaven, makes you sad. You don’t want to think of the day or funerals but it will come and out of respect it is wise to pre plan your funeral.

If you have ever had to plan a funeral expected or unexpectedly it’s hard and extremely stressful, especially if you have family members that don’t agree or see eye to eye. To help elevate some stress pre planed funerals are a blessing.

When you pre plan your funeral you will discuss with your funeral director your likes and wishes. You will talk about the type of service and whom you would like to speak. You will discuss and plan the music, flowers and memorials. You may even plan the outfit and jewelry. Talk about things you want placed inside the casket, whether you want an open casket or closed. You will go over your tentative obituary as well. Of course you will discuss your casket, burial plot and grave marker.

These things seem trivial but in the event of death your family will not be thinking clearly. The stress of the event will get the best of them and most times cause strife and grief to overcome the ones you love. Funerals tend to do this.

Pre planning funerals will take the guesswork out of the funeral planning. Thinking that by telling your loved ones that you just want a simple no frills funeral and think that saves the day, you’re wrong. Your loved ones want to give you what they feel you deserve and simple will result in a large funeral bill and argument.

Pre planning will also take care of the financial aspect of your funeral. You can choose to make payments or take out a pre need policy. A pre need policy will be a payment you make until the bill is paid in full or until your death at which your policy will pay the full amount. Nothing left for the family to pay. This will save any possible life insurance policies you may have allowing your beneficiaries to have the money and not the funeral home.

You want to leave your family with happy memories and love not cause them grief and added sadness of dealing with the details of your passing. Being prepared for the future is something we have always heard to do and this is one of those future times. Why leave the funeral planning to those morning your loss, give them piece of mind that your wishes are being carried out because you planned ahead just for them.

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