Sep 27, 2016

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Pre-Emergent Weed Control for Oklahoma City

Tough weeds do not stand a chance against the right program. Pre-emergent for Oklahoma City weed control can ensure that even the toughest weeds never show up! Weeds are tough to beat. They have a long history of flourishing where seemingly nothing else can. A weed control program is a year round program. It can be ineffective to wait until the weeds are already popping up. Once they get a hold of your lawn it can be a nightmare to eradicate them.

A calendar year of control including pre-emergent treatment is the only way to control weeds.

What is a Weed?

A weed is really nothing more than a parasitic plant. It is a plan that is growing where you do not want it to grow. Weeds share similar characteristics (although some are much tougher than others):

  • A plant that is growing where you do not want it to grow
  • A plant that will crowd out other plants
  • A plant that will steal nutrients and water from other plants
  • A plant that can literally choke other plants

Weeds can easily become the scourge of gardens, lawns and landscaping. Pre-emergent treatment in Oklahoma City will ensure that the weeds never get a strong hold because once they do it can be a real problem to try to get them to let go.

What is Pre-Emergent Treatment?

Weeds like to show up in your garden and your lawn during specific times of year but if you can treat the areas before they show up than you can prevent them from showing up at all. Of course weeds are very resilient so pre-emergent treatment should only be a part of the plan but it is a very important part.

Pre-emergent is weed treatment before the weeds “emerge” for the year. It is a preventive to keep growth down and to make the weeds more manageable when and if they do emerge. It is a part of a full year of treatment plan that is effective in keeping these invasive species at bay.

Weeds can easily destroy your lawn and garden, having an effective plan in place can help you to keep your landscape beautiful, your lawn green and your gardens safe from invasion. The right company will be able to help you to keep the weeds away with a complete calendar of treatment activities. Pre-emergent weed treatment can help to make weed control a lot more effective.

Elite Lawn Care is a leading fertilizer and weed free experts providing Pre-emergent treatment ensuring weed will never emerge from the same place after the treatment.

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