Jan 29, 2014

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Prayer gives you Strength to recognize when to Move On

When you are blessed with knowing God’s love you will be inclined to want to help others. Helping others was very important in the life of Jesus yet did you know he also recognized that there are many people not open to his love? In fact, Jesus was so aware of this that he told his disciples not to waste their time on those who were not interested in their message and to wipe the dust from their feet and move on. When you are intent on spreading God’s love or even intent on helping someone in your life it is important to recognize when someone either does not want your help or does not wish to embrace God’s love. Free Prayer Requests Online can assist you in understanding when it is time to assist those we meet in life and when it is time to move on.

Lost Causes

It is hard to think that Jesus saw people as lost causes. Jesus did not see people as lost causes; instead he saw people he knew could not be swayed. Saint Jude is the saint of Lost Causes and he was the final hope for those who had tried all in their life to overcome a difficulty without success. Their personal strife was the lost cause, not the person themselves. You do not want to view individuals as lost causes; instead it is their hardship that is the lost cause.

When to Cut your Losses

Free prayer requests online can help you find the strength to recognize when it is time to walk away. You may be faced with a person who is intent on refusing your assistance. Jesus wants you to see this as a cue that someone else needs you more. He wants you to understand that when you spend too much time on someone who is deaf to your words and blind to your kind actions you should change your focus and offer your love and assistance to those who not only will welcome it, but who truly need it. In order for someone to be in need, they themselves must realize they require assistance. Just as you cannot share in God’s glory if you do not open your heart to his love, someone who does not feel they are in need of aid will never be open to receiving it.

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