May 16, 2014

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Portable Carports Aren’t Just for Your Car

Yes, your car will love having a portable carport … as much as cars can love anything … but so will you.

No matter what the season, you’ll appreciate your car being under cover. Imagine it’s a rainy day and you’re carrying a briefcase, your gym bag, your lunch and your umbrella. To get into your car, you’ve got to put some of that down and you don’t want any of it to get wet. If your car is under a protective carport, there’s no problem. Get to the car and you and your belongings will stay dry. Now let’s say it snowed last night. You’ve got to get to work. You don’t have to waste time and get cold and wet cleaning off your car. It’s been protected and not a flake of snow is on it. What about nice sunny days? Well, your car will be kept in the cool shade and protected from the UV rays of the sun. There are so many benefits, in all seasons, to keeping your car out of the elements.

Other Uses
Canopymart Portable Carport don’t just have to be used to protect your car, truck, motorcycle or motorhome. Be creative! They can be used for lots of things. How about entertaining. You’re having a big family cook out and want to provide a nice shaded area for the food or for your guests. Maybe you want to set up a big table and chairs so everyone can eat together in the shade. Think about the added space you could have if you already have a garage. Adding a carport frees up that garage for storage. Oh, the clutter free feeling you can get! Buy some storage shelving and all of a sudden, your house is organized and you’re not keeping everything in your foyer closet.

There are many types of portable carports available. From large to small, from aluminum to fabric, the choice is yours. Unlike a garage attached to your house, you also have the choice of where to put your new carport. If you change your mind about where to put it, that’s OK. Flexibility is a wonderful thing.



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