Nov 19, 2013

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Popular Features of Premium Website Templates

There are several popular features among premium website templates. Many of them are associated with customization of the website, and some features are popular because of their ability to gather pertinent information for the website owner. If you’re interested in purchasing a premium web template, these are a few of the features that you should think about incorporating into your website.

Custom Subscription Box

A custom subscription box will allow you to gather e-mail addresses and other subscriber information from people that visit your website. This is important in list building, and communicating with the people that come to visit your site time and time again. This feature is available in many premium website templates, and you can evenĀ customize them down to the colors and size of the box. If you find that you’re unsure about how to set up this option, contact the customer support team for the website template that you choose. This should be an easy fix, and something that you’ll be able to maneuver once you get some help with it initially.

Custom Footer Widgets

Many website owners want the power to control the footer section of their websites. With premium website templates, you have several options available in this area. You can use the widgets on the bottom of your website for social media purposes, or to relay a special message about your business. Some people use this area for contact information, or for opt in e-mail boxes. Because this area is custom with your website templates, you can use it for pretty much anything that you want. This is a very attractive feature to experienced web owners, as they tend to test this area out to see what attracts visitors the most.

Front Page Media Slides

With custom website templates, you can arrange certain types of media in a sleek, professional slider on the front page. This can take your wed building skills to a new level, and give you the power to attract the type of customers that you want, by advertising with crisp clear pictures on the front page of your website. This is a very popular feature that’s seen on larger company websites today, and it makes a big difference in how the overall website is perceived.

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