Plumbing Mixing Valves End Condensation on Toilet Tanks in Texas City, TX

The region around Houston and Galveston is one of the more humid places to live. Even with central air conditioning, area residents experience problems with the damp air that characterizes the weather most months of the year. Contractors that provide service for plumbing repair in Texas City, TX, can help customers with one particular prevalent problem caused by humidity in the home.

The Problem and the Solution

Condensation on the outside of toilet tanks can easily develop in warm, muggy weather. The water coming into the tank is cold. A toilet that is flushed numerous times throughout the day may actually start dripping water onto the floor from the exterior of the tank. The solution is the installation of a mixing valve that adds a small amount of hot water to the cold water. This project can be completed by a contractor who does plumbing repair in Texas City, TX.

Preventing Further Problems

Now, water flowing to this bathroom feature will be lukewarm. The condensation problem is eliminated. That’s important since water dripping onto the bathroom floor can lead to mildew growth and even damage certain flooring materials over time. Mold can develop on the back of the tank and underneath, places where household residents rarely look. Many tanks are so close to the wall that cleaning that mold off is a time-consuming chore.

Toilets in rooms with showers and bathtubs may be especially prone to this issue because of extra moisture in the air. Mixing valves can be installed by Quality Plumbing BOI, a contractor providing information at

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