Mar 30, 2015

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Plumbing Manifolds: The Benefits of Using a Copper Manifold

Manifolds are manufactured using a variety of different materials such as brass, plastic and copper. The most popular of these are the copper type. Plumbing manifolds are useful in conserving water consumption and providing a higher degree of flexibility to water supplies. This upgrade is an option which many home and business owners choose when conducting renovations.

How Plumbing Manifolds Work

The plumbing manifold serves as a central control valve for the distribution of water throughout a machine or building. They are manufactured with several ports which are used for water lines. The manifold creates a control mechanism to which cold and hot water lines are affixed and can be routed to several destination points such as faucets, ice makers, dishwashers and other places.

Benefits of Plumbing Manifolds

Plumbing manifolds allow for multiple lines to be placed from a single source area. Another benefit is that it makes the direction of the water supply easier to control. Maintenance and leak repairs are also made simpler when a plumbing manifold is incorporated. A much higher control over the flow of water to specific areas results in better water conservation, which can help to dramatically lower monthly utility expenses.

Advantages of Copper vs. Other Materials

The most popular material used for plumbing manifolds is copper. This is because the material is very durable, meaning it will last longer than some of the alternatives, and it is also a relatively inexpensive material to work with. Copper provides a sturdier base for attaching lines and is less apt to crack or deteriorate when compared to materials like plastic. However, the choice of whether to use copper or plastic tubing is a matter of preference, as there are pros and cons to each choice and not all jobs are the same.

A copper manifold can be manufactured to meet the exact specifications set forth by the customer. The number of ports built into the manifold depends upon how many water lines are desired. Determining the uses and specifications in advance of placing the order is ideal, so there is no confusion about the manufacturing of your custom copper manifold and so they can get started as soon as possible.

Where can you find a high quality copper plumbing manifold service?

Copper tube manifolds by Spinco Metal Products are manufactured with the highest priority given to the materials and workmanship. The company prides itself on being a leader in the fabrication industry and has years of experience in the field. New innovations in design and technology in fabrication are what make Spinco Metal Products an excellent choice for your fabrication needs. With reasonable rates, fast turnaround times for orders and professionals ready to advise, copper manifold upgrades have never been simpler to attain.

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