Aug 6, 2018

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Plumbing Considerations to Make During Kitchen Remodeling in Nashua NH

Plumbing Considerations to Make During Kitchen Remodeling in Nashua NH

It’s a homeowner’s responsibility to learn as much as they can about residential plumbing systems. While it’s not necessary to know as much as a local plumber, it’s important to be able to tell when something’s going wrong, where the problem may lie, and which parts are easily replaced. Read on for six things to know about home plumbing.

Finding Leaks

Most homeowners don’t know how to tell if they have a hidden leak. Even the smallest drip may cost hundreds in water bills over a few months. To check for hidden leaks, read the water meter, wait a few hours with no water usage, and read it again. If the meter has moved, there’s likely a leak.

The Gas Shutoff Valve

If the homeowner doesn’t know where the gas shutoff valve is, now is the time to look for it. If a gas leak arises, it’s important to turn the gas off right away. The meter is usually outside on the front or side of the home, but in some cases, it’s inside an interior cabinet.

Sewer or Septic?

During Kitchen Remodeling in Nashua NH, it’s important to consider whether the home is on the city’s sewer line or has its own septic system. If the latter applies, it’s time to find the septic tank. No matter which type of system the home has, however, it’s crucial to know where the clean-out plugs are located.

Sink Shutoff Valves

In many homes, each sink has its own shutoff valve, as do washing machines and dishwashers. When remodeling the kitchen, homeowners should know how to find and use them. If each appliance and sink does not have its own valve, other fixtures may be affected when the water supply is turned off in a certain area. In Kitchen Remodeling in Nashua NH, consider asking the plumber to install separate valves.


Are the home’s pipes PEX, PVC, or copper? Knowing which type of pipe the plumbing system has will help the plumber do his or her job, and knowing how they look when they’re in good shape will help the homeowner realize when it’s time for repairs. Visit the website or call Harry W. Wells & Son Inc. to schedule service.


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