Sep 28, 2017

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Plumbers in Jacksonville, FL Are Experts in Water Heater Installations

If your water heater does not work as it did in the past, you need to strongly consider the selection of energy-saving water heaters that are featured today. By choosing a plumber that offers full installation services, you can enjoy the convenience of an ongoing supply of hot water once more.

Do You Have Enough Hot Water?

Water heaters break down because of leaks or when they have exceeded their normal life expectancy. If your water heater falls under either of these categories, it is time to speak to plumbers in Jacksonville, FL. As you might suspect, the most common reason for a water heater failure is a lack of hot water. A traditional water heater typically uses a tank of hot water that is 30 to 50 gallons in size. The water heater is operated by gas or electricity.

A Buildup of Deposits

Another symptom that plumbers find causing water heater failure is when the device starts making a lot of noise. The distracting sounds are associated with the accumulation of mineral deposits in the water heater’s tank. In turn, the deposits make it harder for the water heater to do its job. Because of continual overheating, the tank will usually begin to leak.

If your hot water is malodorous or cloudy, you also need to contact plumbers about the issue. When this happens, the aforementioned deposits are escaping from the water heater and creating the cloudiness and smell. The deposits clog the aerator screens and slow the rate of water flow.

Leaky or Rusty Connections

If the connections to the water heater are leaky or rusty, you definitely need to contact the services of Jacksonville plumbers. This type of problem results from the deterioration of the device’s anode rod. When this happens, corrosion starts to attack the connections and tank, ultimately leading to their downfall.

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