Jun 13, 2018

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Plastic Surgeons in Dallas TX – Types of Work They Perform

Plastic Surgeons in Dallas TX – Types of Work They Perform

A plastic surgeon is a professional medical doctor who is licensed and trained in various medical practices including trauma care, patient interactions, and surgery techniques. Specialized services including body contouring, tissue transfer, and laser surgery are also provided by plastic surgeons. Dallas TX plastic surgery professionals are able to provide services for both adults and children and can address various parts of the body.

Surgeons who perform plastic surgery address various regions of the body including the face, hands, ears, trunk, another body parts. Their services can address misshapen bone structures due to congenital problems. Plastic or cosmetic surgery can reshape body parts for aesthetic reasons. Reconstructive surgery performed by a plastic surgeon can help repair or replace body parts damaged due to illness, malformation, or accidents.

Numerous Procedures for the Body

Plastic surgery does not only deal with cosmetic or aesthetic issues that a patient desires to address, but also is used to restore and repair an individual’s appearance or form after an accident or a bout with an illness or disease. Some plastic surgeons can deal with almost any area of the body, but certain surgeons specialize in particular areas such as the face, neck, or hands.

Surgeons that specialize in plastic surgery are often able to work on any area of the body – and sometimes they work with other physicians with other disciplines. Plastic surgeons acquire special knowledge and skills to perform their craft. This includes designing a skin graft, creating a flap graft, transferring tissue from one area of the body to another, working with materials such as metal and plastic that are implanted into the body, and managing severe wounds.

Repair / Reconstructive Work

Some of the types of reconstructive and repair work performed by a plastic surgeon include repairing cleft lips and cleft palates, re-forming or re-shaping the bones of the skull or face, treating congenital problems, and reattaching severed extremities, such as toes, fingers, and limbs. Patients with burn injuries often require plastic surgery to address areas of the skin that have been scarred or damaged. Patients with various types of traumatic injuries may also benefit from the services of a plastic surgeon.

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