Plastic Surgeon in Fort Worth, TX – Procedures Offered

A professional medical doctor with proper licensing and training in particular types of surgery techniques that are reparative and restorative in nature is referred to as a plastic surgeon. Fort Worth, TX is served by many of these professionals who help both adults and children address various issues of the body. Specifically, the specialized services provided by the surgeons include laser surgery, tissue transfer, and body contouring.

The parts of the body addressed by the surgeons include the hands, face, stomach, ears, and more. Using their skills and experience, they can reshape damaged bone structures due to congenital issues, reshape body parts for specific aesthetic reasons, and perform reconstructive surgery to solve issues involving malformation, illness, or the results of accidents.

Plastic Surgery Procedures

Plastic surgery is performed not only for aesthetic and cosmetic reasons, but also to provide restoration and repair to portions of the body that have been affected by an illness, disease, or accident. A plastic surgeon may focus on a particular specialization or provide more wide-ranging services that address various parts of the body, including the neck, face, hands, and more.

Surgeons that provide plastic surgery sometimes cooperate with other physicians and other disciplines to help the patient. The surgeons, through their specialized knowledge and skills, are able to design a skin graft, develop a flap graft, and transfer tissue between different body parts. They utilize materials made from plastic and metal that are sometimes placed in the body. These professionals understand the treatment care and surgical processes necessary to address severe injuries caused by trauma.

Reconstruction and Repair Work

The work of a plastic surgeon can include various types of reconstruction and repair work, such as reshaping or reforming bones in the face or skull, repairing cleft palates and cleft lips, reattaching severed digits and extremities, such as fingers, toes, and limbs, and addressing congenital issues. Plastic surgery is often required for patients suffering from burn injuries in order to help them recover and restore the appearance of skin that has been damaged or scarred. Plastic surgeons can help a wide range of patients who have suffered a traumatic injury to one or more parts of the body.

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