Dec 4, 2013

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Planning that Party and Finding the Right Venue

Nassau county in the State of New York actually takes up part of the western most edge of Long Island, making up a total of two hundred and eighty-seven square miles of land and one hundred and sixty-six square miles of water. Prior to being renamed as Nassau County, that area was previously part of the borough of Queens, making up around seventy-percent of the original Queens county, for in 1683.  As a division of Queens County, Nassau was created in 1899 after its western most portion became part of New York in 1898.  The name of Nassau won over a host of other prospective names on the list because of its historical significance.  Long Island actually used to be known as Nassau Island as early as 1855, but other names, such as Norfolk—to coincide with Suffolk—was also on the shortlist. Norfolk and Suffolk are both adjoining counties in the east of England, following in the tradition of naming many of the new settlements after their English counterparts.

Up until the Second World War most of Nassau had remained as farmland, especially toward the east. However, after the war the influx of new residents who had moved over from the other five New York boroughs began inhabiting the area, creating a more suburban setting for new neighborhoods.

Parties and Prices

Because there are so many beautiful catering halls in Nassau County it is one of the most popular places for people to celebrate their weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other parties in style. The landscape and naturally stunning surroundings are the perfect setting for many stately home style buildings and catering venues and people come from miles to enjoy a family function or conference or meeting in such a stunning setting. New England is famous for some of the most breathtaking fall colors, as well as beautiful color all year around. If you are planning a party you will need to check all the criteria for your requirements so that you are absolutely certain that the venue you choose has everything you need at a reasonable price. Don’t settle for the cheapest if they don’t offer everything you need, but remember you can might be able to negotiate on price and facilities offered.

Contact the Swan Club for information on their catering halls in Nassau County and information about the grounds and the club.

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