Jan 7, 2014

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Planning Gantry Access For Safety And Efficiency

Gantry access that is safe, secure and practical for all your loading and service requirements is a must in a variety of different industries. Generally any plant, facility or loading area that uses ISO containers or any type of high road and rail tankers should have a fixed access gantry for employee safety.

Design Considerations
There is no one design in gantry access that is ideal for all requirements. The best options are designed based on the specific needs of the company as well as all HSE legislation. Bespoke or custom designed options are highly recommended for all companies since what you plan on using the gantry for will impact the design and the construction options.

The actual design of the gantry access is also dependent on the features that you require. Single or double side access to high level containers and tankers is an important consideration based on the physical layout of the area. In addition the design will also be based on the need to use cranes, loading and unloading equipment or specific types of cleaning equipment on the gantry access platform.

Safety Features for Gantry Access
Safety is the most important feature for gantry structures. There are specific requirements as set forth by HSE legislation that must be included in any design and installation. These include specific mandatory safety features such as permanent handrails and protective shielding on stairs or ladders that are over the set height requirements.

Non-slip flooring on all platform and walkway areas is an important safety feature. Combined with handrails they provide a very safe working environment for both accessing the gantry as well as working on the equipment itself.

Secure and industry standard mounting points for all equipment that will be used on the gantry access styles is another important safety consideration. These additions to the gantry system need to be designed specifically for all regulations and requirements and should be considered throughout the entire design and installation process.

A gantry access system or single platform is an ideal way to provide safe, efficient and effective options for inspecting, loading or unloading, and working on all types of tankers and containers. Custom designed options provide the most efficient options based on your specific requirements.


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