Nov 15, 2013

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Planning for your business move

Depending on the size of the organization, making a commercial move may take the help of many colleagues or if large enough, a group of commercial movers in NYC. One of the keys to a successful office move is maintaining the spirit and motivation of the staff while everything is topsy-turvy.

There are a few steps to take that will minimize the disruption;


Planning cannot be emphasized enough. Form a small group or committee that can pull together a time line that will allow all the stages associated with the move to go seamlessly. Once the timeline has been established, if necessary, seek approval from the company management. The key is to get an early start, three months for a small office and up to nine months for a large office.

Gather all the information you can on the new facility, floor plans are ideal as it gives the planners plenty of time to figure out all the key elements such as electric outlets and integrate what is fixed into what will be arriving from the existing office. The plan will allow for office layout well in advance of getting there, you can also take advantage of the move to eliminate any problems with the current layout.

The team:

Representatives from each department should become part of the master team. These members will be held responsible for seeing to it that all the employees and all the equipment under their control is ready to go on the appointed day. The team can be very beneficial when asked to comment on the proposed new layout so that any changes can be made. It is very important that on the day of the move the Commercial Movers know exactly where to place what.

Keep to the schedule; arrange regular meetings to ensure that all employees that are affected are intimate with the details of the move and what their unique responsibilities are. Making a move of this magnitude can be very stressful, try not to make it worse with insufficient planning.
Once the plans are firmed up and agreed, make sure everyone who has an assigned task is up to speed and that they are fully prepared. Don’t forget the common areas, storage rooms and lobby.


Commercial movers in NYC are those which are fully integrated into the plans that have been made by the company, often in co-operation with the movers. If you are moving your office, please contact All American Van Lines.

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