Dec 9, 2014

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Planning for Surrogate Mothers Cost

When you decide to go the route of obtaining a surrogate mother for your child, what you have to do next can seem overwhelming. Many people are involved in this decision, including family, attorneys, the parents-to-be, doctors, and more. Being organized and having a healthy, open line of communication between all affected parties is key in this arrangement. One of the main things to consider is the surrogate mothers cost and all additional costs that may come up over the course of the agreement.

There are several different types of fees that you will need to pay once a pregnancy has been confirmed. The fees paid to the surrogate’s agency can range from $12,000 to $20,000. Another extremely important fee to stay on top of is the attorney fees. For potential parents who are using a surrogate, an attorney will help to draft the contract of agreement and be sure that everything runs smoothly on the legal side of Surrogate Mothers Cost.

The potential parents are also responsible for any and all medical costs incurred during the carrier’s pregnancy. This includes regular doctor visits and check-ups, any appointments needed to check blood levels and perform ultrasounds, and more. Be sure to have any medical costs you can think of written into the initial agreement. Remember that some medical costs will be unexpected and may come up at the last minute. For instance, there is often an extra fee is the carrier has to undergo a C-section. Have extra money set aside so that you are prepared for any such surprises.

The parents are responsible for various day to day financial needs of the surrogate mother. One of these is the loss of wages cost. This is usually needed if the surrogate is ordered to bed rest during the pregnancy making it impossible to earn a living. In some cases the spouse of the surrogate will need this compensation as well. The intended parents also need to provide money for travel and lodging should the surrogate choose to take part in group support meetings. Sitting down with the agency and the lawyers involved will help you plan for anything.

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