Jun 18, 2018

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Planning for Pest Control Boulder, CO

Planning for Pest Control Boulder, CO

Pest control is something every home and business needs to keep their living and working areas free of unwanted insects, pests, and rodents. While this is an added expense, it is well worth it to not have to worry about being bitten by spiders or having ants invade certain areas. Below are a few ways to help one prepare for Pest Control Boulder CO.

Give the Area a Thorough Cleaning

If the home is being sprayed for pests, the treatments will work best when applied to clean areas. This allows the chemicals to get where they are needed. Most often, they are sprayed in cracks and crevices since that is where most insects hide. Some insects thrive in dark, moist areas, so those need attention as well. Pest control technicians will inspect all areas of the home to ensure they are treating the right areas.

Keep Pets Clear of Treated Area

When people have pets roaming around, they will quite frequently get into the recently sprayed chemicals. Although most of these chemicals are environmentally friendly, it is still recommended to keep the pets in a crate or another area until all of the chemicals are dry. This includes the areas that have been sprayed outside around the perimeter of the home and in the yard.

Throw Away Open Food Pests Have Entered

If pests have gotten into the cupboard or pantry and entered open food items, these need to be thrown away. Those items are not only unsanitary and no longer safe to consume but also give the pests areas to continue to thrive and grow.

Identify Cracks and Openings in Windows, Doors, and Walls

One thing that will help the pest control technician treat the home most proficiently is for the homeowner or business owner to identify any cracks where pests can be entering. This allows them to seal the area and then have it treated so the pests or rodents do not keep coming in.

A pest control company will often recommend the above steps to take before they come out. They will also schedule a time convenient for you to meet with the technician and discuss areas of concern. For more questions about Pest Control in Boulder CO, Visit website of Wards Lawn Service.

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