Jan 28, 2015

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Planning For Boxed Lunch Catering: Tips For Easy Organization

Anyone that has been tasked with organization for boxed lunch catering for a meeting, a casual Friday at work, a group gathering, team meeting or any other type of event knows the confusion and stress that can occur in trying to get everyone’s order in correctly.

Boxed lunch catering can be a very simple process and a highly efficient way to allow people to order from the entire catering services menu or from a limited menu that you have planned in advance with the caterer. Either option can work well but the larger the number of people you have the more streamlined you can make the process is always the best option.

Provide a Variety

The key to efficient boxed lunch catering organization is to provide guests with a good selection or variety of pre-set boxed lunch options. The whole purpose of this style of menu is that there aren’t a lot of special orders that have to be individually handled.

Most caterers will have specialty items that provide a sandwich or alternate main choice, one or two sides and a dessert as part of the boxed lunch. Often the choice of sides or options, such as pickles or desserts, is based on the type of sandwich or selection made.

Use a Form

A simple printed form that allows the individual to provide their name and then make their selections from a checklist is a very simple way to keep things organized. The caterer can then, as part of the boxed lunch catering service, simply write the name of the individual on the box if it is a special order, which is important for people with food allergies or dietary restrictions.

The boxed lunch catering service will typically provide a sticker on the top of the standard orders without special requirements, which makes it very easy to organize. Each type of standard boxed lunch can be placed on set tables, allowing individuals to simple walk over and pick it up.

Special orders can be placed on a separate table so they are also easy to select with minimal need to have someone managing or handling the distribution.

Choosing boxed lunch catering is a great option when you want participants to be able to find their lunch and then return to their seats. Choosing the right caterer will provide you with top favorites to keep everyone in the crowd satisfied. Choosing boxed lunch catering is a simple way to provide a customized lunch for each participant at any sized event. For more helpful tips visit us at Facebook or Twitter.



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