Sep 19, 2016

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Planning A Winter Getaway: Try Cross Country Skiing In Colorado

Planning A Winter Getaway: Try Cross Country Skiing In Colorado

Winter in the Rocky Mountains offers people the chance to indulge in winter sports and activities. While some prefer to rev up the motor of a snowmobile, others prefer a quieter and more environmentally friendly way of enjoying nature. As part of their winter getaway, they try cross country skiing. This is one of the best ways to make your way across the snow-covered countryside of Colorado and enjoy the pleasures of nature. While a snowmobile may be faster than snowshoes or skis, cross-country skiing and snowmobiles are great to do in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Why Try Cross-Country Skiing?

Every sport has its supporters, especially the most passionate fans. The group also features those who enjoy the sport for what it is. People enjoy cross-country or Nordic skiing for any of several reasons. They find it:

  • Invigorating – It takes places in the outdoors where they can come alive to the scents, smells and sensations of the natural world.
  • Challenging – Depending upon whether you decide to stick to the groomed trails or opt to break your own path through freshly fallen snow, this type of skiing challenges your capabilities and endurance.
  • Skill-friendly – Nordic skilling has levels for everyone. Children and adults can find their own place. They can also set their own pace.
  • Inexpensive – Compared to many other winter sports, cross country skiing is very cost-effective. It requires little in the way of immediate outlay. You do not need a designated area to exercise your skills. While cross country centers such as Grand Lake Nordic Center in Colorado are readily available, you can also glide off on groomed trails elsewhere or strike off and make your own paths.
  • Nature-Focused – Admittedly, on the first few trips you take on your skis, you may be focusing solely on taking the next steps without falling. However, the more you get the hang of it, the more you will enjoy your surroundings. Snowmobilers are all about the destination. They roar and rip through the snow. They treasure speed. For those who enjoy cross-country skiing, it is about the journey. It is about stopping and breathing in the crisp mountain air. On cross-country skis you get a chance to stop and smell the pine needles.
  • Few Requirements – You can take lessons. You do need skis, however you do not have to have any special skills or training. What you should have is a love of being outdoors in the snow on a nice cold, crisp day.
    These are a few of the reasons people embrace this sport.

Cross Country Skiing
In winter, you can curl up inside your home with a good book. You can even book a plane for the Caribbean Islands. You also have another option though. Get out and enjoy what the season brings you and try cross country skiing in Colorado.

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