Aug 24, 2018

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Picking an Accident Attorney in Virginia Beach, VA

Picking an Accident Attorney in Virginia Beach, VA

The accident attorney in Virginia Beach, VA that has experience and provides full services to clients is the one to choose. Determining which ones can accomplish that requires people to ask specific questions. The first question is to determine who will conduct the free initial consultation.

In most firms, that first meeting is, typically, with a paralegal or an investigator working for the firm. Seek out an attorney who conducts those initial consultations rather than making a recommendation based on second-hand knowledge.

Appearances in Court

Enquire about the number of cases presented in a court of law. Most personal injury and automobile accident cases are settled out of court. It is easier and faster for all involved as long as the injured party is appropriately compensated.

Some attorneys have little experience in front of a judge and jury. That can have an impact on the final outcome of the case. An accident attorney in Virginia Beach, VA who has presented many cases in court may instill more confidence in the client.

The Size of the Case

Small cases are often not taken by attorneys because the investment of time and talent does not always lead to a large return. A full-service attorney, such as those at Price Perkins Larkin, will accept valid negligence cases regardless of the scope. Those who need legal representation do not select the extent of injuries or the circumstances of the accident. A minor injury that could have been avoided is just as important as a major injury case that is complicated.


Referrals from friends or coworkers are more helpful than conducting research. Asking someone who has been through the process about what to expect can make the injured person more comfortable about scheduling a consultation. An experienced firm that has provided representation for thousands of cases can usually rely on referrals instead of spending resources on advertising. Ask people you know who they would recommend for an accident attorney to narrow down the list of possible choices.

The decision to hire an attorney is critical to allow those injured the time and energy needed for healing. The attorney will deal with insurance companies, support the client throughout the entire process, and build a case. This takes some stress and worry from the victim and family members.


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