May 7, 2014

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Pets Can Have Allergies Too!

It may not always be easy to detect whether a pet has allergies or not. Of course they can experience watering eyes and itching just like humans. If your fuzzy friend is sneezing, coughing, itching or has digestive upset, they may be suffering from allergies. In order to be sure whether your pet has allergies or not, you should take your companion in to see the vet for pet allergy testing in Turnersville. Allergies in pets are a common problem in which most pet owners are not aware.

Pet Allergies Are More Common Than Realized
When a pet has itchy skin it is called atopy. This is a highly common allergic reaction that has increased vet visits for many pet owners. Allergies tend to lead to other issues when it comes to overall health. For instance, there can be an overproduction of wax in a pet’s ears that lead to ear infections. A secondary infection can also occur and leave dogs and cats scratching excessively and biting and licking itchy skin.

Find Out If Your Pet Has Allergies
There are many common signs a pet owner can look for when trying to determine if a pet needs to be tested for allergies. Some of these signs include chewing their paws or other body parts they can reach, scratching all the time, rubbing their face on carpet, ear infections that recur often, and the loss of hair. If you notice your pet’s skin is mutilated or they have ‘hot spots’ that have occurred due to excessive licking, biting and scratching, then it is time to schedule an appointment. The only way to determine if your pet is suffering from allergies is to have the vet determine what the cause may be. It is always a good idea to make sure there are no underlying conditions that may be symptoms of more serious health problems instead of just allergies too.

Common Allergies in Which Pets Suffer
Pets tend to be allergic to some of the same things in which humans are allergic. These items include environmental allergens, allergies to different types of foods and even insect bites. Some of these allergens include trees, pollen, grass, flea bites, food additives, milk products and dust mites.

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