Dec 23, 2014

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Pet Vaccinations In Chicago Are Important For Kittens

When most people think of the veterinarian, they think of dogs or puppies, but kittens need to see their Chicago vet as well. This will ensure that they are growing healthy and correctly, and can also provide medication to prevent many common problems in kittens. Your pet will likely have four visits from about six weeks of age until about 15 weeks of age. Kittens grow differently than dogs and other animals, so it is important to have them checked out each week to make sure they’re where they should be.


Just like children and you must have a physical each year, so do kittens. The vet will weigh your animal, check that they are as tall as they should be and provide an exam to make sure nothing is wrong with any area of the body. He will likely rub the animal’s paws and legs, stomach, head and tail to make sure everything is going well.


Along with the physical, your vet will likely perform a fecal exam, which determines whether intestinal worms are located inside the kitten. During the second visit, most vets prefer to test for the Leukemia virus by using a FeLv/FIV combo test. While Leukemia is mainly thought of for humans, it can affect cats, so it is important to have your kitten tested.


Deworming medication is provided at most of the first few visits to ensure that worms do not form in the intestine. If there are worms, which are found through the fecal exam, the deworming medicine will help to remove them, so your feline friend is healthy and safe. Medications will be provided on an as-needed basis, and you may be required to give the medicine at home.


Chicago vets can give your kitten three different vaccines over a period of nine or ten weeks. The Distemper vaccine is administered at the first three visits, which will prevent your kitten from contracting the disease.

In the second visit, your cat will be tested for Leukemia. By the third visit, you will know whether or not the cat has the disease. If not, a vaccination is provided to prevent against Leukemia forming.

Rabies vaccinations are also provided at the fourth visit to ensure that your cat doesn’t get Rabies, or that it won’t be as bad if contracted.

Pet vaccinations in Chicago are very important for cats and dogs. Your animal is a part of your family and deserves the best care, so visit Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic today.

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