Jun 9, 2017

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Pest Management Program For Healthcare

Pest Management Program For Healthcare

Pest control for healthcare facilities is more complicated than many people realize.  Healthcare facilities, like any facility that deals with organic waste and has a large population of people in it, attract pests.  These pests present a real hazard for illnesses, because they can serve as disease vectors and those in healthcare facilities are usually members of vulnerable populations.  On the other hand, healthcare facilities must be very cautious about the pesticides they utilize because of possible immune-compromised patients in the facility.   That means that pest control in healthcare facilities has to be very effective, but with a limited impact on people.

What pest control approach is right for your healthcare facility?  The question is a complex one.  Every healthcare facility is unique, so a one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare simply will not work in the healthcare context.  Instead, your facility needs a plan tailored to your specific needs, but which targets rodents, insects, and birds if they are an issue at your facility, all in order to keep your facility as pest-free as possible.  Depending on what your facility does, your pest control plan may also need to be comprehensive enough to cover pests that are brought into the facility by patients.  In fact, many facilities have to worry about bed bugs brought in by patients; if not handled promptly, a bed bug infestation can quickly take over a whole facility.

How do you pick the right pest-control approach for your facility? Viking Pest has a reputation for effective and affordable pest control in the New York area.  We can focus on pest prevention, so that pests do not become a problem, but we can also respond quickly to reports of pests, to return your facility to normal as quickly as possible.  To learn about a pest management program tailored to your healthcare facility, call Viking today and speak to an expert.

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