Jul 3, 2018

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Pest Control Companies Provide Service for Mud Wasps Extermination in Pittsburgh

The style of nest construction is one way to figure out what type of stinging insect has taken up residence on the exterior of a building. Many of these insects build honeycomb-style designs, but some wasps construct nests with tubes made of mud. These bugs are known as mud dauber wasps. Service for Mud Wasps Extermination in Pittsburgh is available from professional pest control companies.

Solitary Insects

Most stinging insects are social creatures, which can make them somewhat dangerous to have around since they might attack in a swarm if they feel threatened. In contrast, the mud dauber wasp is a solitary insect. It lives alone, leaving its resting place to drink water, gather some nectar from flowers, and obtain meat in the form of spiders. The only time these wasps are social is during the breeding season.

Nests and the Young

Only the females have stingers and build nests. As with birds, nests are only built for laying eggs and raising young. Wasps do not need to be as attentive as birds do, however. Once the nest is completed, the female wasp begins paralyzing spiders and bringing them back, stashing them away in the tubes. She lays an egg in each tube, and that wraps up her parenting. Larvae emerge from the eggs and have plenty to eat.

Concerns About Stings

The wasp could be left alone, but many people are nervous about having stinging insects around the homes. Somebody in the family may be allergic to wasp stings. Parents worry about their small children getting hurt. A cat batting at a wasp flying around risks being stung. For these reasons, people call pest control companies for Mud Wasps Extermination in Pittsburgh.


A pest control service such as The-Beeman may recommend eliminating spider infestations around the house too since they attract mud dauber wasps. If no food for the larvae is available nearby, the wasps have little reason to build their mud nests on the building. The customers can keep up with the problem in the future by killing spiders as soon as they appear. People dealing with these issues may click here.

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