Personal Banking with a Small, Local CT Bank

The past few years have shown Americans that a bigger bank is not necessarily a better bank. For many of us, the fact that there is no longer a personal connection with our banker is tragic. The way we manage our money has become impersonal and difficult, due to the rapid changes, mergers, and failures that occur in the banking industry. As a result, individuals are looking for personal banking options at small, local CT banks.

Concerns About Capability

Many people are concerned that a local bank won’t have the same online capabilities that the larger banks have. You get used to convenience and you assume that part of the reason all the features are available is because the big banks have to provide them or they lose many, many customers. Well, smaller banks have been catching on to this, too, and it’s no rocket science to build a secure, easy-to-use banking website.

If you have been resisting making a change because you’re worried about the online presence and capability of your local CT bank, maybe it’s time to call up and ask about their services. Personal banking online is not only available with the big banks these days.

Variety of Products

There are a variety of personal banking products that individuals are interested in. As a result, they look to the most likely banks for variety: the big banks. But it can also be overwhelming to consider all those options, and it seems like the bigger the bank, the more confusing their different options are.

Smaller banks, on the other hand, focus their products to meet the needs of their customers. With a smaller customer base, it’s easy for them to figure out just what their customers want and need for personal banking. Free checking accounts, savings accounts with good interest rates, and checking accounts with other options are all available at small banks, too. And you may find that when you sit down with a local personal banking representative, you’ll feel like you’re meeting with someone who actually cares about your banking needs.

Personal Connections

There are many ways to make personal banking work for you, and one of the most important is a personal connection with your banker. The employees at a small bank pride themselves in helping you. They want to make the client happy. Customer service is central to the personal banking experience in CT, and with many of the biggest banks you just don’t get the personal attention that you get with smaller banks.

Essex Savings Bank is a wonderful bank to do your banking and money management with. After over a hundred years of personal banking experience, Essex Savings Bank is still giving CT residents honesty and integrity.

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